Research and Development with Feedlot Health Management Services

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At Lethbridge Animal Clinic, we regularly conduct research in association with Feedlot Health Management Services to determine better production and financial outcomes for feedlot producers.

FHMS has developed the recommendations for our service programs (PEPP, IAM, Feeds and Feeding, Animal Health) based on the results gained from large-scale commercial research studies, which we have conducted in-house over the last 35 years.

With bio-economic modeling, we translate the biologic outcomes we observe in our research studies into dollars and cents to determine the most cost-effective solution for a wide variety of economic and production scenarios. We also work with individual feedlot operations to design and conduct research projects tailored to their site-specific strategies.

Some of Our Projects

We provide a range of research and development services for feedlot clients, including:

  • Recruitment and immigration consulting services – Services to help feedlots hire staff from out of the country
  • Strategic input and collaboration – We collaborate with national and international cattle associations and companies
  • Fee-for-service projects – For clients who only contact us when needed, and we typically provide them with veterinary services for their animals
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