Herd Health Management for Cow-Calf Producers in Lethbridge, Alberta

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Cow-calf enterprises typically run on a narrow margin, with a low rate of return, and are always at risk of facing economic losses due to clinical or subclinical diseases in their herds. At Lethbridge Animal Clinic, we’ll work with you to develop a preventive herd health program to minimize disease risks and in turn, minimize economic losses. Taking a proactive approach to keeping your herd healthy can prevent the spread of illness and the potential for said illness to become too severe to properly treat.

Our goal is to ensure you’re able to implement all the necessary preventive measures to keep your herd happy, healthy, and profitable.

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Herd Health Management Services We Provide

Our skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians are on hand to provide a wide range of services to keep your herd healthy.

These services include:

  • Routine physical examinations
  • Vaccinations (IBR, parainfluenza-3, BVD, etc.)
  • Blood work and parasite screening
  • Parasite control for internal and external pests
  • Yearly VCPR checkups
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Signs of Illness in Cattle

Preventive measures are important, because not all illnesses show obvious clinical signs. Their development can be subtle. However, being able to recognize clinical signs of disease can save your herd. Observe your herd closely and make note of any changes.

If you observe any of the following, contact our team immediately:

  • Weight loss
  • Low weight gain
  • Poor hair coat
  • Depression (head down, lethargic)
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Heavy salivation
  • Lameness

Build a Preventive Health Plan for Your Herd

Our experienced veterinarians are trained to recognize health problems and potential production losses. With our knowledge and advanced diagnostic equipment, we can create a custom treatment plan to meet all your needs. If you are ever uncertain about the health of your herd or need help diagnosing an ailment, contact Lethbridge Animal Clinic at (403) 327-4150.