Bison and Elk Reproductive Health Services in Lethbridge, Alberta

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Lethbridge Animal Clinic works with alternative livestock producers to provide reproductive services to help them manage their elk and bison herds. Ahead of rutting season, our qualified veterinarians in Lethbridge, AB can perform bull evaluations and pregnancy evaluations, which include palpations and ultrasounds, to ensure the cow and calf are healthy.

If you need a skilled livestock vet to visit your farm or ranch to assess the health of your cows, bulls, and calves, contact Lethbridge Animal Clinic today


Bull Evaluations

It is important to evaluate the bull prior to breeding to make sure he is fertile and able to breed successfully with the cows. The producer also needs to keep an eye on the bull to see that they are interacting appropriately with the cows and other bulls, and make sure they are exposed to fertile cows.

Bull evaluations typically include a physical examination, where we check for defects and signs of illness and injury, and a sperm motility test to check the quality of the semen.

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Pregnancy Evaluations

Bison cows and beef/dairy cows have very similar reproductive tracts. Our reproductive services for females include a physical examination and an ultrasound to quickly and accurately diagnose (and evaluate) the pregnancy.

We can also perform post-partum examinations to check for any problems and verify that the cow can be bred safely again in the future.

Additional Reproductive Services for Bison and Elk

Bison and elk are hardy livestock, but they need to be evaluated for parasite load and treated accordingly as needed. Also, if necessary, our veterinarians can provide assistance or advice for cows that are having calving problems.


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