Computerized Health Management Record Systems for Cattle Producers

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At Lethbridge Animal Clinic, we provide computerized health management record systems and customer support to help you record all health and production information on your animals throughout their lifespan. Our software programs include iFHMS and Fusion (Fusion is managed by SSG Cattletech).

Need iFHMS customer support?

About iFHMS

iFHMS is our proprietary software. Within this suite of products, we offer programs that support our IAM module with sorting cattle (dSort, ProSort, and StatSort), and our newest product, Herdtrax. HerdTrax allows producers to follow cattle from conception to carcass, which gives them the ability to show consumers how their animals are raised and managed throughout their lifetimes.

With our FHMS suite, we can provide clients with real-time reports covering all aspects of production. These programs assist our professional consultants and cattle feeders in tracking animal health and performance, with the intent of intervening quickly if necessary.

Because Lethbridge Animal Clinic owns and manages the FHMS programs, we can provide 24/7 customer service and support for our subscribers.