HerdTrax Support

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HerdTrax by TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is an integrated, online record management system for cattle producers. All the important data concerning the care of your animals, including calving, nutrition, and reproduction, is captured and preserved with this software. Lethbridge Animal Clinic is more than happy to provide essential HerdTrax support to help your business utilize HerdTrax effectively, and answer any questions you have about the program.

What HerdTrax Offers

Key features of the HerdTrax program:

  • Provides a detailed, annual profile and performance analysis on every single animal in your herd
  • Gives you the tools you need to make smarter management decisions
  • Provides crucial benchmarks for herd assessments and comparisons
  • Your data is completely secure, but highly accessible to you whenever you need it
  • You can share important information about your herd with veterinarians, retailers, and more
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Need Support?

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In addition to our knowledgeable team of vets, we also have a representative of Southern Alberta Veterinary Services by TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods. With their insight, we can offer valuable support if you ever have questions about HerdTrax, or need help with some issues related to the program.