Herd Health Management for Feedlot Producers in Lethbridge, Alberta

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The control and prevention of disease is one of the most important factors for feedlot herd health management. Lethbridge Animal Clinic can help you implement various strategies to maximize the health and value of your herd. Our experience and knowledge of the beef production industry allows us to offer proactive solutions backed by extensive research and continuing education. Get in touch with us today to discuss your feedlot needs!

Our Services for Feedlot Herd Health Management

Lethbridge Animal Clinic can provide the following herd health services for feedlot producers:

  • Routine physical exams and annual VCPR checkups
  • Vaccine strategies for cattle of various risk categories
  • Prevention of BRD and other harmful diseases
  • External and internal parasite control strategies
  • Data-based protocols to ensure appropriate, cost-effective treatments
  • Stress-reducing measures for environment and transportation
  • Quality nutrition and feeding systems
feedlot herd health management lethbridge alberta

Prioritize Preventative Care for Your Feedlot Herd

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Feedlot cattle are vulnerable to a variety of metabolic and infectious disease processes. We can help you protect the health of your herd through preventative health care, adequate nutrition, care and maintenance of your herd’s environment, and much more.

To consult with our team of professionals, reach out to Lethbridge Animal Clinic at (403) 327-4150 today.